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Sponsorships & Scholarships

Student Summer Courses  

Schools/Institutions/Commercial Organizations are encouraged to offer sponsorship to students on collective and/or individual basis to cover all expenses inclusive of fees, accommodation, meals, transport, etc. Schools/colleges may approach sponsors directly. Schedule for student Summer Courses shall be specifically notified separately.

M.Phil (DMT)  

All M.Phil (DMT) students will be sponsored with adequate stipends to cover tuition fees as well as living expenses. All arrangements for seeking institutional sponsorships/scholarships with local/international entities shall be coordinated by (IIDMT) itself. A maximum intake of (10) M.Phil (DMT) students is envisaged in year 01. Selection of students shall be entirely merit based.

Research and Diploma (DMT)  

All research projects as well as Diploma (DMT) courses shall be against institutional sponsorships covering applicable expenses. Specific notifications concerning availability of the sponsorships, selection and commencement shall be issued separately.