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Welcome to the Islamabad Institute of Disaster Management Technology

The Islamabad Institute of Disaster Management Technology (IIDMT) is first of its kind in Pakistan. The Institute caters for the following activities:

  1. Introductory Disaster Management sponsored summer programs of one week duration for school/college students (F.Sc, ‘A’ & ‘O’ Level, Matric categories).

  2. M.Phil (DMT): An 18 months (4 semesters) duration sponsored program based on course work (24 Credit Hours) and research project (6 Credit Hours each for research and project work).

  3. Specific research project, and training as well as six months Diploma (DMT) course catering for sponsored institutional requirements. The Diploma Program shall consist of course work (16 Credit Hours), project work (5 Credit Hours) and internship (4 Credit Hours) with a disaster management organization.


The (I I D M T) is currently located in a partially constructed building in suburban Islamabad at a convenient 15 minutes driving distance from Islamabad Airport.



For the first batch, we wish to offer the following courses:

 Summer Course
 M. Phil (DMT)
 Research Projects
 Diploma (DMT) Courses

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The (I I D M T) seeks collaboration with international entitites, teaching and research organisations. Besides, sponsorships are needed from national and international sources

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