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Welcome to the Islamabad Institute of Disaster Management Technology

 I I D M T / I R R I C
Information Exchange Services

  • Background: IIDMT/IRRIC are proposed projects to help prepare for catastrophes like the 2005 Earthquake and 2010 Floods. For details visit :

E-mail: info.iidmt@gmail.com


E-mail: info.irric@gmail.com

While the projects are still on drawing boards and waiting to take off as an interim action, under mentioned “Flood Relief Information Exchange Services” are being offered.

  • Available Services:

    • Flood Relief data and Information Exchange.

    • Guidance to individual or group donors on request basis.

    • Guidance to Flood Victims with regard to Jobs, Shelter, Childcare, Education, Healthcare and other similar services.

    • Collaboration with other national/international organizations concerning Disaster Management/Rehabilitation in general and Pakistan Flood Relief in particular.

  • How you can contribute:

    • E-mail any information concerning available services for Flood Victims in respect of Camps, Groups and/or Individuals, offering the same specifying quantum, location and contact.

    • E-mail any information concerning quality of services being offered at any location.

  •  Exclusions:
    • IIDMT/IRRIC shall not receive any Funds Relief Goods from Donors.
    • At this stage, IIDMT/IRRIC is not in a position to offer “Flood Relief Services” from its own resources.
  • Pakistan Flood Relief 2010 Links
    Click desired category below:
    1. Donation Appeals
    2. Camps
    3. Flood Relief Volunteers
    4. Flood Relief Medical Aid
    5. Education Services for Flood Victims
    6. Floor Relief Discounted Supplies
    7. NDMA Public Appeal
    8. Drinking Water for Flood Victims
    9. Water Filtration Plant Information
    10. Army Relief Centers

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